' Join Krisi for an Autumnal Winemaker Dinner at O-Bar Restaurant in West Hollywood

That's right, I'm hungry again!  This time I am headed to O-Bar Restaurant in West Hollywood for a fabulous FIVE (no pun intended) course meal prepared by Chef Hawley.  O-Bar Restaurant is one of the hottest restaurants going in the southland right now - very cool decor, a real sensory experience in itself, and fabulous 'familiar, with a twist' food.  Billie Freeman is the wine goddess at O-Bar Restaurant and I am thrilled that she has invited Five Vintners to host a wine dinner.

The big night is Monday, September 18th - yes, that is next Monday!  The dinner is starting at 7:30, but I will be there at 6:30 relaxing in the bar.  Please join me at O-Bar Restaurant if that sounds like fun!  For more details please call O-Bar Restaurant at 323-822-3300 or click here.