' Get your summer wine here!

Hello California Friends,

After a long and wet Northern California winter, summer is finally here.  With the increase in temperatures comes the desire for a cool refreshing Sauvignon Blanc to be enjoyed after work or with a few appetizers.  Or you could guzzle it like Bud at a college keg party.  In fact, we are pricing the '03 Sauvignon Blanc in hopes that it does get consumed like Budweiser at a college frat party.  We need to make room for our inaugural release of the 2005 Admirals Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc to be released in late June.  So take up a collection and we will trade you a bottle of '03 Five Vintners Sauvignon Blanc for a mere $9 dollars.  Buy six or more bottles and get free shipping in California when ordered at www.fivevintners.com.  The promotion code for free shipping is 31561.  The offer is good through June 16.  By the way, we accept no responsibility for over-enjoyment of this crisp refreshing deal.

Best regards,

Krisi and Kirk